Memories from the satisfaction of sweets reign supreme in this holiday baking period.
I'm busy making some oldies as well as experimenting with the newer additions.
Here's a few I wanted to share with you from my past holiday favourites.

 The CHOCOLATE amaretti cookie cake torte in this photo is one that Mom made from my creations.

 Mom and 'Nonna' inspired me at a young age to become the enthusiastic baker. 
Mom is now baking up some of my creations.  
'Nonna' in heaven is finally enjoying the show ;o)
Mommy not only turned out a tasty treat, she out shined me in the celebratory decor.
Thanks Mom for showing me that you too can be an excellent student ;o) 

ALMOND intense RICCIARELLI orange cookie from Siena 
Almonds ground up to render a moist interior along with a crunchy personality.
Orange flavours intensified this traditional delight from Siena, Italy.

Specially selected dried fruits and dark Rum maceration blends with a spice variety.
Smooth tasting butter companion with deep Demerara sugar for a special outcome.

Sumptuous dough gets the star treatment and joins the holiday cookie box.
A variety of delicious fillings are as limitless as your imagination.

Over-baked cookies got recycled into the foundation for this...deliciously indulgent classic 'New York style' creamy Cheesecake.

...and also try...

The cherished CRANBERRY got the spa treatment....in this deliciously moist and scrumptious torte.

Yule Log - Bûche de Noël - CHOCOLATE cake - CARAMEL- COFFEE custard CHOCO - MAPLE SYRUP topping
My contribution to our traditional Christmas feast is with a 'Yule log' gone rogue.
One bite will make you realize why dessert should be eaten first ;o)

Plumped up some sun-dried figs into...a perfectly spirited culinary concoction.

Trading places.  Baking magic transforms two separate desserts into one.
Physics along with Chemistry makes this scrumptious cake flipping unique. 

Mocha Amaretto CREME BRULEE Almond Crunch
Shamefully starting the New Year happily with a custard and crunch dessert.
A terrific beginning was derived from a declared negligence in my kitchen.

Dependable apples wiggle into a smooth bath held by a chocolate cookie base. Luscious Dulce de Leche and cream cheese envelope the apples for a scrumptious bite. 

Delectable pastry cookie to gear you for the upcoming holiday baking.
Bundle up and roll together some chocolate, nuts, raisins and a punch of citrus.

Château Ramezay on Notre-Dame street in Old Montreal

Here's to celebrating in good company with sweet treats.
Happy holidays to all and may your blissful wishes come true ;o)


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