DECEMBER distractions in MONTREAL

Our rare, snowless December is not deterring Montreal from its festive outlook.
Went searching for a little holiday cheer and found some to share with you.

 Holiday Market area on the Place des Arts Esplanade.

Laurier Street East.

Holiday Market area on the Place des Arts Esplanade...
...as well as a Laurier Street, East decor.

Bistro on de CASTELNAU street, East (near Little Italy).

 View outside my window on Park de la Visitation...
...as well as the cobblestone path on...
Prince Arthur street (nearby St.Louis Square)

Ste. Catherine Street, West near St. Phillips square.

  Laurier Street, East...as well as a view onto...
Place Ville Marie's square from Ste. Catherine Street.

 Laurier Street East.

 Laurier Street East...as well as...
a private home off of St.Louis Square (near Prince Arthur Street).

I hope you enjoyed this small gallery proving there is holiday spirit in the air after all.

Looking forward to sharing my next holiday recipe with you very soon.

Flavourful wishes,

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