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Some of Claudia's short jaunts and longer escapades.

(With some exceptions, most are positioned in alphabetical order within:
Continent, followed by Country, City, Region and/or area)

CARIBBEAN islands 
(within South American waters)
Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean Islands)
Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean Islands)
Jamaica, MONTEGO BAY and OCHO RIOS (Dunn River Falls) 

Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean Islands):
. My foodie connection: Shrimp Mushroom Crepe with Cheese sauce Bonaire Island inspired
The sea's underworld and a memorable tiny Island served up this dish interpretation.  The smooth sand, dancing corals and sea life inspired the creation of this open-faced crêpe.

Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean Islands):
. My foodie connection: PINA COLADA banana ICE-CREAM - CURACAO inspired
Inspired by the Pina Colada drink: rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice.  Add some banana to liven up your taste buds in this delicious frozen treat.

MONTEGO BAY and OCHO RIOS, Dunn River Falls, Jamaica:
. My foodie connection: twirl MANGO mousse SORBET chill 
Before this trip...I actually had never eaten a Mango before!  Once a very ripe mango was offered to my taste buds...I never forgot the dreamy textured sweetness that opened my tummy towards tropical fruits.

 France - Limousin (Aquitaine, South Central)
France - Menton (French Riviera)
France - Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (French Riviera)
France - Paris
Germany - (Christmas Markets)
Italy - Positano (Amalfi coast)
Italy - CAPRI island and the AMALFI coast

Limousin region (Aquitaine, South Central), France:
. My foodie connection: COCKTAIL by Cherry Chocolate Amaretto CLAFOUTIS
The village gems of the Limousin region serve as one of the best culinary landscapes for French dessert classics.  Throughout most memorable villages, any respectable pastry shop or...homestay will offer you one of their slices of cherry Clafoutis.

Menton (French Riviera), France: 
. My foodie connection: bitter-sweet CITRUS marmalade 
FEBRUARY is a special month on the FRENCH RIVIERA...especially at the Menton Lemon Festival.  There are few certainties Europeans can count on these days.  Therefore, imagine how many look forward to this particular ray of sunshine.

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, French Riviera, France:
. My foodie connection: MUSSELS fennel Sambuca ROQUEFORT.   
. My foodie connection: Cheddar scalloped POTATO gratin simile DAUPHINOIS gratin.

PARIS, France: 
. My foodie connection: Paris style brunch - Smoked Salmon EGGS BENEDICT with...an Italian / Quebec twist.   
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. My foodie connection: Bistro inspired Portobello Courgette farcie Potato mash.   
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. My foodie connection: cold ESPRESSO coffee KAHLUA milk frappe
. My foodie connection: CREME CARAMEL flan classic French Bistro style
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Christmas markets, Germany: 
. My foodie connection: German style Pfeffernusse cookie
Magic  fills the air in the cities, towns, and villages along the Rhine and Moselle Valleys in Bavaria, Germany.   Each of the markets, set along a backdrop of medieval buildings and ornate cathedrals illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights, is unique to its location.

CAPRI island and the AMALFI coast, Italy:
. My foodie connection: Isle of LOVE n TORTA CAPRESE cake (aka: torta alle mandorle e cioccolato )
My very first love encounter with this cake was in my early 20s.  I was backpacking through the Italian Campania region...specifically exploring the stunningly gorgeous Amalfi coast.  I had also made sure to cross over from the mainland onto the Island of Capri.  

POSITANO (Amalfi coast), Italy:
. My foodie connection: LIMONCELLO light adapted LIQUOR
Here’s a full circle life moment between...Me and Limoncello: Naiveté played a huge role in my acquaintance with this enchantingly sweet and yet powerful tasting liquor.  As soon as I got hold of very fragrant, thick-skinned lemons...I was ready for my experiment to bring a light LIMONCELLO to life.

SICILY (N.W. coast from Palermo), Italy:
. My foodie connection: healthy BAKE no fry EGGPLANT parmesan {Melanzane alla Parmigiana}
A few years ago, here I was in one of Sicily's small town markets...in company of one of my favourite 'Rosa Bianca' eggplant a.k.a. 'the Sicilian' as well as named the 'Berghah' for others.
Honouring my Nonna’s specialty.   The challenge was re-creating the 'quasi' same culinary experience without having to fry the eggplant.  

North America: CANADA
Ontario - Ottawa
Ontario - Prince Edward County [PEC]
Quebec - Lanaudiere
Quebec - Laurentians
Quebec - Laval
Quebec - Outaouais region: Wakefield 
Quebec: Quebec city

Relates to my recipe creations inspired by jaunts through Montreal day trips.

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada: 
. My foodie connection: Hungry for TULIPS anyone?
TULIPS...Comestible?   Is this possible or even palatable?  Were you aware that comestible flowers have been incorporated in meals as far back as 140 B.C.? 

GATINEAU (near Ottawa), Quebec
. My foodie connection: Chocolate Pudding Oat Nut Spice cookies
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. My foodie connection: Almond Chocolate Fudge
A beautiful peninsula.  For those who are not familiar with this charming place, it's located in South Eastern Ontario.  Once, passed the 1000 islands and Kingston, this little rural paradise with quaint villages is waiting.

LANAUDIERE, (des Chutes Monte-A-Peine-et-des-Dalles) Quebec, Canada  
. My foodie connection:  Borscht style BEET potato carrot soup 
The Lanaudière area of Quebec holds many water fall scenery snuggled within dense forests.  A real paradise which Mother nature has blessed us with to resource ourselves.
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LAURENTIANS, (Petite Riviere du Nord) Quebec, Canada
. My foodie connection:  The allure of Squash and Pumpkins
Enjoy this colourful and cheerful tour of the splendour of our FALL season in Quebec, Canada.
Pumpkins and squash are certainly at the forefront to excite one and all ;o)

LAURENTIANS, (Mont-Souri) Quebec, Canada 
. My foodie connection:  AUTUMN table INVITE
The start of Autumn is tough to handle when torn between task and fun.  Although the generous harvest awaited our attention...we caved and gave into nature's beauty.

LAURENTIANS, (Oka) Quebec, Canada
My foodie connection: FALL in COOKIE serenity
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LAVAL, (Old Laval) Quebec, Canada
. My foodie connection:  Searching for STRAWBERRY FIELDS 
. En route towards the outskirts of Montreal, Québec...strawberry fields are plenty this time of year.

LAVAL, (Parc de la Nature) Quebec, Canada
. A botanical garden and small animal farm found in Laval named...'Parc de la nature'...just a bridge from Montreal. 
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Quebec city (in Autumn), Quebec, Canada
My foodie connection:  FINANCIER or FRIAND and Quebec city jaunt

Picturesque Quebec city during the Autumn and Halloween festivities
The crisp air swayed the colourful leaves among the plethora of fall decorations dotting the town. 
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WAKEFIELD, Outaouais region, Quebec, Canada
. My foodie connection:  Asian style SPRING rolls
On the western shore of the Gatineau River, this small gem of a village is...located within the municipality of La Pêche in the Outaouais region of Quebec.  A truly postcard setting along the calm river awaits visitors to join in with their friendly locals. 

North America: UNITED STATES
Florida - West Coast
New York - Manhattan, New York city

FLORIDA (West coast), U.S.A...SEABIRD sanctuary and PINK SHRIMP
. My foodie connection:  Baked COCONUT Maple Syrup SHRIMP
Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary: This sanctuary is the largest wild bird hospital in the U.S. based on the admission of over 8,000 injured birds each year.   

New York (Manhattan), New York city
My foodie connection:  Squash Cheese GNUDI and Rockefeller center
Between 48th and 51st streets, Midtown Manhattan, I became quickly exhilarated as I sensed that around the corner I was to finally observe the Rockefeller center up close.  My expectations were met and surpassed with the bonus of Autumn and Winter decor.
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...much more to come