Claudia and her Food and Escapade Fairy

Once upon a time...my Fairy FOODESSA gloriously came to life.   
She was created out of pure delight and a desperate need for distraction.
Mostly...it was time to share my kitchen's heart and enriching travels.

I consider myself fortunate to be both of...
Italian origins and given birth in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Excitement and creativity run high throughout this city's vivacious melting pot.

 Montreal: Island Notre Dame, Casino of Montreal - Expo 67 France Pavillion

My flavour for life is the extension of this generously inspiring city.

Accomplishing what seems at times impossible has defined my ongoing need to open my heart to opportunities when I least expect them.

My greatest moments of reflection...a self discovery of sorts always seem to swarm around my varied interests.

To the left: Cayo Santa Maria, Santa Clara,Cuba.
To the Right: Santorini Island, Greece.

These interests have made me realize how blessed I am.
Through these passions, I have always felt a resounding need to write.
I guess, for now, until a brilliant book roles out...
writing about my interests shall satisfy my need to share what I find great in this world.

Throughout my varied professional venues...
I have led myself through the paths of:
Interior design, Fashion, Travel...
and later towards having my own Bed and Breakfast.

My primary hobbies: 
photography, painting and gardening...
have kept me busy and gratefully out of trouble ;o)
However, somehow I was not quite satisfied.  There was a certain undiscovered link looming.

Wasn't sure what was missing but I vowed not to give up.

So, it was time to get off the beaten path again.
What could I be truly passionate about for a longer period of time?
This was indeed, the million dollar question?
Always the multi-tasker, I accepted this to be normal.
Stability by profession never really stuck with me...
too many interests...so little time.

Coastal California, U.S.A.

  I always have one foot in and the other out...
waiting to explore my next curiosity.
Would the culinary universe figure prominently in this equation?

Street side market on the N.W. coast of Sicily, Italy

I deeply feel that this just may be the right fit for me.
When I really think about it...any chance I have...
 is always in my thoughts and conversations.

JAMAICA - Montego Bay's very lively Market.

"FOOD should be visually pleasing, delicious...
and TRAVEL always memorable."

I have not yet taken any professional cooking courses...not counting, of course a fun little workshop on ' Sushi ' making.
It was a blast and I did try to make some in my kitchen.  However...conclusion...I’ll take myself out to their fine establishments instead ;o)

Part of my wish list would be to...
take a small sabbatical where I do little else than learn from master chefs. 
If ‘Hubby’ could join me...I'd be thrilled.
My penchant would definitely be towards pastry and chocolate creations.

We do have great schools here in Montreal...but who knows...I may be lucky enough to transport myself to another French city jewel???
It’s nice to have culinary dreams...isn't it?

Seine River near the 16th arr., Paris, France

So...what experience do I hold in the kitchen?

Well, after having made ‘lasagna’ sheets with Mom at the age of five...I pretty much never looked back from that very pivotal moment.

Sometimes you would think I was born with a spatula in one hand...and all else to do with cooking and baking in the other hand.

Not many moments come close to the excitement I feel when I succeed a difficult recipe.  Especially, if the recipe happens to become a product of a re-created popular recipe.

However, what exhilarates me most is when...
I have originated a recipe of my very own with great triumph.

So...am I a good cook?
However, admittedly, some not so great meals
have been forcefully eaten at our table.
Remember...waste not!

Am I a good baker?
Well...I would like to believe that I am ;o)

However, with a little more practice and many calories later...
I will hopefully one day grace that line-up of great bakers I admire.

Here's to more insight towards a...

I am looking forward to sharing what I experience and create...
just as much as learning from you will surely inspire our continued adventure.

Wishing you all the very best,

foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com