In LOVE with HEART shaped PASTA

COINCIDENCE ... I think not.
These babies were
waiting to be picked up.

I had not been to our local
' fresh pasta ' shop in quite a while.

I would have missed out on this inspiration for our
Valentine's Day meal.
Me and 'Mi Amore'...were in for a real treat.

Even though, I did have a slightly imaginative meal up my sleeve...
admittedly this far surpassed my creative capabilities in such short time.

Something so simple, yet so showy.
Cheese filled, tomato flavoured

Can it be more adorable than this?
My mind was back on the race track.
My whole menu had just changed in a flash.
What sauce was going to properly complement these beauties?
All kinds of ideas went through my mind.

I decided...that before I could make concrete decisions...
I needed to visit the market first.

I left the market exhilarated.

My mind was made up...I knew exactly which 
type of sauce I was going to marry these raviolis with.

This was definitely a winner...even before it hit the table...
or should I say...before the raviolis would meet our palate?

INGREDIENTS...loosely described

I had some mild Blue cheese and some heavy cream left in the fridge.
A large spanish onion, a few zucchini and peppers to sweeten the pot.
I bought some firm cafe mushrooms to add the extra jolt needed.
To then have it all reduced in a little spirited ' Porto '.

Mmmmm...I was smelling the aromas already.

Honey...lunch is ready.

Hold on...didn't we also buy strawberries and...
have spare chocolate waiting to be turned into fondue?
Well, without much hesitation...out came the ingredients to...
myno heater needed, creamy yogurt Chocolate Fondue.

Hope your Valentine's Day meal
was as memorable as ours was.

Flavourful wishes,

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