Gallery: SHOWING OFF a little...

Time to SHOW off a little...
and TELLing you about it too.

I've been wanting to share
the following photos for a little while now.

Do I seem to be impatient?  I guess I am.
Is it finally my time to shine?
Yes, I am finally giving myself permission to do so.

Oh, I'm sure there's a lot better out there...
but let me enjoy my little glorious moment.
Thank you for letting me indulge.

Well, no time like the present.  Here are some of my past.
Holiday baking contributions.

I had set up a convenient large serving platter in order to
present the following combination of treats:

Our traditional cake resembling a log...  
with ' dulce de leche '- caramel filling, a spirited splash of 'Tia Maria'
and a generous sprinkle of roasted walnuts.

All was smothered with a rich fluffy chocolate whipped cream and...
garnished with bittersweet chocolate shavings.

This delicious log was accompanied by the following goodies:
 Melt in your mouth chocolate truffles,
pecan caramel chocolates...
along with hazelnut meringues buttons.

Another nutty CHRISTMAS at my home
(was I crazy to think I could do it all?!?)

Challenging GOODIES platter.
(this was the year...I stepped out of my comfort zone)
That same year, I definitely got way too enthusiastic for my own good.
What was I thinking??? 
Or was it my Hubby nudging me with his subliminal messages?
For the longest time...
I wanted to tackle making one of my favorite treats...good'ole traditional Italian nougat.
Again, what was I thinking?
I never had such a difficult and unnerving experience with any other sweet ever.

Although, I was thrilled with the outcome...I decided to leave this one to the pros.
What have you tried that drove you bonkers also???
Continueing with my platter...
I do apologize for all this attention given to the nougat...
but I just had to get this off my chest so I could let it go.
Greatfully, the other treats were not as challenging.
Has anyone else out there tried making nougat? 
Thankfully, not only did the other treats turn out quite satisfactorily...
they tasted great enough to make my 'yummy tummy' folder.
So, without further a due...
I present you what was on that cookie platter:
'Jammie bars' with a filling of strawberry jam.
'Choco-caramel balls' with its rich butter flavour.
'Chewy aromatic' Almond amaretti ' cookies 
'Cranberry Shortbread cookies' with a melt in your mouth tanginess.
'Chestnut orange chocolate swirl' cookies with a touch of vanilla flavour.

To finish off the feast...
the Queen of desserts starred once more.

Our usual traditional cake...this time resembling a wreath.
Filled with jam and roasted nutsTopped with a smooth, rich chocolate ganache.
Garnished with caramelized popcorn and maraschino cherries.

Flavourful wishes, Foodessa

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