WELCOME to Foodessa

Welcome to...
my official culinary journey.

Merrily, a mini-feast, just passed through my family's table.

It was not so long ago, Mommy and Grandma
became ready and willing to hand over the reins.
How nice of them...
hmm...a little convenient...maybe?!?
Sarcasm aside, their influence and encouragement
have proven to be a true blessing.
I've been promoted...Yippee...the pressure is on.
It's an honour to be the holiday baker in the family.
I'll proudly carry their wishes and rise to the challenge.

For more baking adventures and realisations...refer to: 'Show n Tell’

The holidays always gives me the opportunity
to put my curious nature to work.
Searched 'hi and lo' for great new delectable recipes
to add to our already traditional fare.
I have to admit...I got carried away, yet again.
At one point...I found myself exhaustingly overwhelmed.
No surprise there.  Old habits die hard.

Definitely many more amazing recipes on the roster.
I'll be safe-keeping them preciously in file.
Not quite a 'Cordon Bleu'... however
cooking is proudly what I have excelled at.

Baking, well...not quite the pastry chef yet.
However, nothing stops me from dreaming about possibly
one day joining up with the big leagues of very
dedicated personal and professional bakers.

Flavourful wishes, Foodessa

Comments ...???... or suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com