baked CHICK PEA and CHEESE pattie cakes

The versatile, buttery flavoured CHICK PEA holds its own on the legume circuit.
Its delicate, structured consistency complements the adaptability of this 'pulse'.

Although, I almost reached for the Ricotta cheese to create this recipe, I resisted.  
Instead, Cottage cheese and aged Cheddar were going to complement the Chick Pea this time.  
The additions of capers, Dijon and my favourite 'Pindjur' condiment made these patties special.

Although, still very largely grown in parts of West Asia, India, and in the Mediterranean...
Canada has also joined the ranks to becoming an important producer of the CHICK PEA.
To be more exact, the Southern areas of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan take the honour.
When I heard this, I did wonder how this could be possible?!? 
Like most, I thought chick peas needed sub-tropical weather to thrive.  
Well, apparently not so.

Since learning about this, I admit to being both taken by surprise and joyous at once.
I don't remember the last time a bean had brought so much pride and excitement to my kitchen.

Did you know that NOT all chick peas can be called the 'Garbanzo' bean?
Only the very popular 'KABULI' chick pea holds that title.  
This larger variety with its cream-coloured coating is somewhat different from...
its smaller sibling 'DESI' with its distinct, dark coloured and thicker seed coating.

Interested in their distinctiveness?  Here's a little more.
The familiar Indian curries, as well as the popular Middle Eastern dishes of...
Hummus and Falafel has certainly played a key role in introducing us to this wonderful legume.
However, were you aware of Burmese tofu made from Chick Pea flour?
I sure wasn't.  It’s now on my continual curiosity radar.
I could only wonder about a similarity to an Italian solidified polenta-like paste called Panissa.

Although, the light, buttery flavoured 'Kabuli' (Garbanzo bean) usually takes center stage...
the 'Desi' variety also has its fans as well...especially with its higher fibre content.
Used whole, shelled or split, the 'Desi' variety is mainly milled to produce finely grounded flour.  
The Gram a.k.a. Besan or Chan flour is used to make a multitude of diverse recipes. 
Another Italian specialty of Panelle di ceci is certainly a memorable treat from my travels in Sicily.

All this from one small complex carb chick pea:
* PROTEIN and lots of FIBRE *
* An excellent source of...VITAMIN-B and IRON *
* Maintains an important amount of the FOLATE nutrient *
* Holds its own on a very LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX *  

What else?
. The Chick Pea is considered to be the most digestible of the legume family.
. If in need of an egg-replacer...mix equal proportions of water to chick pea flour.
. Finely ground Chick Pea flour along with water and yogurt can be used as a facial exfoliant
. During the late 1700s, as a substitute for coffee, Germany brewed ground, roasted chickpeas.

My usual Chick Pea based preparations have now taken a whole new meaning in my repertoire.

Stuffed pita pocket with Chick Pea patties and complemented with:
 marinated 'Oyster' mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and a specially prepared yogurt sauce.

Here's my latest creation with the versatile Chick Pea.

pattie cakes

makes 18 small patties

Click HERE for a PRINT version of this recipe

(American / Metric measures)

Part- 1
. 2-1/2 cups (large 19oz./ 540ml can) chickpeas (rinsed, drained)
. 2 cups (500g) Cottage cheese or Fresh Ricotta 
. 1 xLarge egg
. 3 Tbsps. (45ml) Pindjur* (optional)
. 1 Tbsp. (15ml) Dijon mustard
. 1 Tbsp. (15ml) capers
Part- 2
. 1 tsp. (5ml) each: sea salt and garlic powder
. 1/2 tsp. (2.5ml) each dried herbs: Marjoram, Sage, Tarragon
. 1/2 cup (50g) aged Cheddar cheese, grated
. 1/2 cup (30g) whole wheat bran cereal, crushed
. 20 pitted olives, sliced

* PINDJUR: a Turkish condiment made of a blend of roasted red peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, onions, tomato paste, sunflower oil, vinegar, garlic, spices.  It is easily found in all Middle Eastern grocery stores. 
Note: replacing Pindjur with 1 Tbsp. (15ml) of Tomato paste can also give good results.


1. In a food processor, add all ingredients from Part-1 and pulsate a few times before continuing to give it a continual processing until smooth.
2. Take out this mixture into a bowl and blend in everything from Part-2...except the sliced olives.  Once it's well combined, gently add the olives until all seems evenly spread throughout the mix.  Cover and refrigerate the mix for as little time as 30 minutes or up until overnight if wanting to prepare this ahead of time.

...Assembly and Baking:
. Pre-heat oven to 375F/190C/Gas5 and position rack on the 2nd level from the bottom.  Also prepare a very large baking sheet, lined with parchment paper. Set aside.
3. Remove mix from the refrigerator.  With a large ice-cream scoop, measure each portion and pack it densely before extracting onto the baking sheet.   
4. Once all mounds are evenly placed, press down and lightly flatten patties with the aid of the backside of a wet spoon.
5. First, bake patties for 30 minutes.  Afterwards, temporarily remove the baking pan from the oven to gently flip over the patties for the rest of the baking process.  Continue for another 15 minutes until crispy on the outside, while remaining slightly soft on the inside.  Enjoy. 

The array of possibilities stemming from the Chick Pea are...
becoming increasingly appreciated at my table.  

With time, the ones which received great reactions, will be...
shared with you along our culinary journey together.

Flavourful wishes, 

Comments...???...suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at:  foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com

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Please take note on how I bake and cook...
Here’s a 101 of sorts to make sure that there are no disappointments when trying my creations.  
Also...just so you know...feel free to increase the salt and sweet factor since I'm not high on either of them ;o)

. Use DRY cup measurements for...you guessed it...all DRY ingredients.
Anything DRY gets measured by spooning the overfilled ingredient (never shake the cup) and then level off with a flat edged tool.  Exception...Brown sugar should be packed in and leveled.
. Use LIQUID cup measurements for...all LIQUIDS that cannot be leveled like for example butter, yogurt...etc.  Measure the liquids at eye level to avoid overdoing what the recipe truly needs.
OVENS are unfortunately not created equal.  Mine is so old that it has reached many degrees off it's norm.  It's really worth investing a few dollars to test yours with an appropriate oven thermometer.  You'd be surprised how many ovens I've heard about not being where they should have been.  Before you lose any more ingredients and much time preparing a new recipe...run to the store...you'll thank me later. 

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