Happy Holiday Greeting 2011

Child-like scenes and reflection can hopefully bring this holiday into perspective.

Are you feeling happy, contemplative or just overwhelmed with the holidays?

During this special time of year, much is celebrated as well as questioned profoundly.
Many interpretations are experienced during our tumultuous global complexity.

Some amongst us are living through difficult times and unfortunately can’t imagine the next day.

Whether, these facets are touching you directly or not...
we are, it seems, somewhat more attentive to the less fortunate.

For some of us, it has become a fabulous way of re-thinking the holiday spirit.

Doing things differently and sharing quality time with each other is precious.

Time spent with loved ones decorating the tree could be enough for some.

Tears of joy can also be experienced by a fun, challenging project.

Building a gingerbread house can unite a village in no time.

Doing an act of goodness for strangers and having them looking at you with a surprise.
This can truly become more than any material gift could possibly offer.

The very simple things really do manage to put a smile on our faces.

No matter what background we're from...that's what really can unite us.

With this thought...
let’s all take a moment and appreciate all the symbolic gifts sent our way.

Looking forward to sharing more with you in the New Year.
I wish for you to cherish all that is good and conveniently toss the unpleasant ;o)

All the very best and Happy Holidays everyone.


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