October in Quebec SHARE and TELL

During the past month...
several challenging moments have passed.

Thankfully, through some of these tested times...
the beauty of Fall has helped me get through it all.

Enjoy this colourful and cheerful tour as it will...
lead to a small TELL game at the end of it all.

Here are a few wordless photos I wanted to...
SHARE from this past month.


Now...for the TELL part of this post.
It seems that there are always curiosities out there...
 that have a need to be answered ;o)

A new game is amongst us Foodie bloggers...it's the game of TAG...where the envelope is pushed wide open in order to learn more about each other. Two weeks ago, Chef Dennis from More Than a Mountful decided to lure me into the fold and tagged me!
I hesitantly decided to cave on this one and make the exception to very briefly engage.
I, like most, did not see this game come running to TAG us and add one more aspect to exchanging in our Food blogging community.  Although time has been tight...I truly had a very difficult time saying no to our sweet Chef D. who meant well and took the time to come up with questions he was curious about having answered.

All this to say...in the future...I'll unfortunately have to be the party pooper on this one. After answering his questions, I've decided not to add one more thing to my blogging plate.   As much as I'd love to continue going on this amazing culinary journey 24/7...my life schedule does not permit for most of which goes on between Foodies.  Since I’ve started this culinary journey...I’ve been trying to respect a very difficult balance in my life...thus, turning down many other requests made of me.  This is unfortunately the risk a blogger takes when making unpopular decisions of not always saying yes to fit in at all times.
I'm really hoping that as time goes by...more of my passion can be shared here with all of you and be able to participate in more games, contests, challenges etc.

For now, Chef Dennis...
here are my responses to your questions:

Who had the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook? 
My Mommy always made time in the kitchen interesting and fun...while my grandparents amplified my enthusiasm to nurture my natural spin in the kitchen.  Travels and my curious nature has pushed me much further into this wondrous culinary world.

Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started?
Since I have little spare time...it now seems that I was unreasonably crazy to have added one more thing on my to-do list.  However, the real answer is that I needed a distraction as well as find a more fulfilling way to nurture one of my passions.
For the rest of it...and for a more in-depth read...kindly refer to my ‘About page‘...most of it is there!

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?
As a very young child...I was intrigued by my 'Nonno' who was a man of few words...however, big on the soothing energy he passed on to me when I was in his presence.  Moments in his precious garden and later cooking up a hearty soup and grilled cheese have remained very dearly cherished by me.  I  wish he were alive today so that I could truly MEET him as an adult.   This would be the only way to understand where all that silence came from.  I'm sure it would explain a lot about who I've been and now become.

What is the one book you could read over and over again?
I have way too many interests and way to little time on my hands to even contemplate reading anything more than once!  On the other hand...reading a complex recipe more than once...that's happened more times than I can count ;o)

If you could have a TV show on the Food Network what would it be?
This would be a trio based show.  I would certainly have the need to create around international dishes and share dedicated travels.  Amazing charitable organizations who are trying to abolish world hunger would definitely have to be showcased in order to make it all worth while.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
This one is easy...I've been dreaming of having a Polynesian on his/her canoe filled with a fresh and elaborate breakfast...brought to us at our over-water bungalow with the see-through glass bottom floor.  Can you tell that I've been thinking about the French Polynesian islands for a while?  ;o)

What was the best meal you ever had?
I've had so many...however, if there's one that just popped in my mind as I read this question...it would certainly have to be a Seafood Marinara Linguini shared at a ‘Penzione’ in Sardinia, Italy.  The reason, I remember this moment so well was because my Hubby reminded me constantly about it for the rest of our vacation.
I'll explain...one evening at this very plain looking restaurant ‘tratorria‘, I had suggested that this particular unknown dish should probably be our entrée as opposed to a main dish. To make matters slightly worse...we shared it too!  If we weren't so embarrassed to cancel the ordered next few dishes...Hubby and I would have had a bath in the Seafood Marinara pasta dish!  Believe it or not, Hubby still brings this sore subject up when he disagrees with me about something!
Most of you must be surprised that I didn't pick a dessert for this question?!?  It was very close ;o)

And finally...
I’ll finish off by sharing two more things...
and yes...a dessert response too!

If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be?
Since I'm an incurable sweet tooth, I'll have to have a dessert as a meal
From a restaurant menu...I’ll always pick my dessert before deciding what my meal progression will be.   The following creation is what I‘d have in mind:
A chocolate custard crème brulée...toppled with a toffee 'fleur de sel' candy crunch all nestled within a 'cotton candy' nest.  I know...how crazy is that?!? 
Chef D...if I come visiting you with a bouquet of zucchini blossoms...will you make this for me? ;o)

Here’s another quirky confession. I’m slightly obsessed with questioning restaurant personnel about their rating on the menu’s crème brulée!!!  I’m still trying to get back my high from when I experienced my first unforgettable taste.

Here’s one of my favourites from the repertoire of  Chef Dennis:
Squash Blossom Muffins

I hope my responses have satisfied any lingering curiosities. 

I truly want to wish all of you playing this game...lots of fun exchanges together.
I'm sure to enjoy reading some of your responses in your blogs!

To all who
celebrate it...
Happy Halloween

Flavourful wishes,

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Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com