Just the 3 of us_Simple Special Moments

Thrilled to be the three of us.

Wondering what these are?
Some great big tree blooms...extra early this year.
I still have no clue what this wild natured tree is called?!?
However, they do look almost...
yummy enough to eat...don't they?

Well, actually, I did have a chance to fill up with a very
special breakfast that 'Hubby' put together this morning.
He put together a very unique fennel, roasted pepper and
feta cheese frittata with a side of maple syrup flavoured ham.
It turned out to be absolutely delicious...very yummy indeed.

How very festive and also very tasty to boot.
Well, it seems like kicking me out of the kitchen
for my Birthday was well worth waiting for ;0)

This year I was truly spoiled.
I received my very favorite chocolates along with a 
very representative bouquet of colors to lift our spirits.

Afterwards...we left everything behind...
took our puppy 'Sushi' and took off to discover our
very early Spring at our nearby nature park.
For those who want to know the name of this treasured place:
Parc de la Visitation, Montreal-North, Quebec.

Our friends, the Canadian Geese were there waiting
 to welcome us in their temporary habitat.

The waterfalls may have looked kind of mirky...
however the sounds of their rushing cascades were just magical.

Alright...it's time
to get off that bench...
put a little sprint in that step and let's
all hit the pavement!
  Yes...that also means you too...Sushi.

More great scenic Spring moments.


Even the local ducks were mucking around the place.

Usually....there are so many more ducks in this park.
I could only wonder where the rest of the gang was???

Are we tired already?
Alright then...I guess a little pause is good for the soul too.

All this fresh air and exercise was great.
So what’s for lunch?

Again, I want to thank my dearest 'Hubby' for a very memorable and pleasant Birthday.
I hope you have all enjoyed our little day with us at the park.

This contact with nature is what feels exhilaratingly real to me.
These are truly the precious moments that count in life.

So...what's really for lunch?  
I'm starved.

Wishing you all the very best moments,

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