CAKES and my BIRTHDAY wishes

Today, I am INDULGING in a mid-life...

A big thank you to Monika at: tortentante.blogspot.com

Just a small BIRTHDAY thought:
If Aladdin and his magic carpet really existed...
what would I choose as my 3 wishes?

source: dragonflydoces.com

Firstly and most definitely...
Global PEACE.

creator: Laborrn2...on cakecentral.com

A very close second...
NO more HUNGER...
absolute HEALTH for all.

  source: cake contest 2010...family.go.com

Thirdly...abolishing all
POVERTY on earth:
source: carlosbakery.com

However...if for just one day...
I would allow myself to be a selfishly involved person...
I do have a few wishes in mind.

How about... something to do with what puts a SMILE on my face.
Maybe, a great vacation every year without ever having to pay for it!?!
source: blog.oakleafcakes.com
This is a great thought...however far from la la land...
their is a little something called reality!?!

Alright...so here I am..back to earth.

After dreaming about being granted the wish of Peace and Health onto
this turmoiled world...
I did have a few crazy thoughts.

source: carlosbakery.com

I am usually asked...
" what would you like to have for
your Birthday this year? ".

Would you like a party?

For as long as I've been asked this question...I still do not feel like having that kind of attention concerning my Birthday. Especially, where there is that uncomfortable nuance of
obligation to bring a gift.

source: thefrostedcakeshop.com

A much smaller and simpler intimate gathering is more my style ;0)

creator: bmote1...on cakecentral.com

Gifts...while always nice to receive...
are really not what I look forward to .
I figure...IF I really need it...
I will pretty much get it for myself.

creator: Lilthorner...flickr.com 

Especially, since 'Hubby' and I decided to downsize greatly...we do have to be very careful about our remaining home's valuable square footage real estate.

creator: ShamsD...on Flickr.com


 Gifts given to me in the form of...
small thoughts are however always much appreciated ;0)

So...back to my reasonable wishes...

How about an online sweet table of
some of my very favourite desserts?

I want to believe to have some sort of distinguishable baking talent...
however it never comes close to the insane talent displayed by these artists!
Therefore, today I'll pretend that I'll be having a piece of all these decadent goodies.

First the selected starters to whet your appetite:
Dedicated creations by: starting from the far left...going clockwise
Tortentante...flickr.com, bunchofpants...on Flickr.com,
Andrea's SweetCakes...flickr.com, Tortentante...flickr.com, Indulgedessserts...flickr.com

Moving on up to SWEETER heights ;0)
Dedicated creations by: starting from the farleft...going clockwise:
Queenoftartes..flickr.com, Babushka bakery...flickr.com (2 cakes),
deiaschwarz.com, weddingcakeart.com

At the end of all this...
I'll have to virtually work off all my non-calories.
So, off I go for a chance to beat my 'Hubby' at Billiard.

Sweet Confections Cakes...flickr.com

I may not necessarily desire a party
at this stage of my life...but who knows...!?!
Maybe I'll just want to wear my
party dress for my 50th one day!?!

creator: pinkcakebox.com

Of course...
the 'piece de resistance'...
a great sophisticated
looking cake like this one.
Just make sure there's chocolate in it ;0)

Creation by school: bonniegordoncakes.com

great wishes, Foodessa

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