Anniversary apology to my SWEET

Anniversary apology to the...
SWEETness in MY life.

23 years ago...
I found the best person to share my life with.

This morning...' Hubby ' surprised me when he said...
" Happy Anniversary Sweety ".

Yes, I actually stood there for a moment...with what I could only describe as a...blank...awkward...
smirky stare!

Where have I been lately to explain such a thoughtless gesture that was so unlike me?

Well, in my very weak defence...I've been very pre-occupied with several ongoing issues. 
So much so, that I shamefully dismissed the fact that April 9th is the date we met and it is the day we cherish even more so than our celebratory wedding day.  

Yes, this may seem strange to most...however, for us, it is the most special day in our lives.  Well, at least up until this morning it usually was.

Lately, days are passing me by so quickly that I seem to always wonder what date it is. 

Hence, just for a moment, I needed to ponder on the reasoning behind this disturbing matter: Could it be about this hormonal phase I‘ve been putting up with?

I realize that soon I'll be turning a ripe, however, still very young 45 years from birth. Could the aging factor be the culprit?  Ohhh...I really hope that it's just a brief passing phase that won't stick around for too long.


It seems that although my long term memory is certainly in tact...my short term memory strangely phases in and out of time?!?  Am I the only one?  Is anyone else going through this same haze of craziness?

Well, anyhow...I will find a way to console myself. 
After all...my repeated thoughtfulness in our couple should somehow grant me an immunity of sorts.     

Therefore, just for now...I will free myself of guilt and give myself permission not to take this too much at heart.
I good bath filled with chocolate will do just fine...thank you!

I also know that my 'hubby' probably hasn't given this morning a second thought.  His love and understanding will make this day special nonetheless.

However, knowing myself all too well...
I will surely make up for it in the coming days.

Now, the big question is...
will my apology come in the form of a...
beautiful flower bouquet?

Alright...maybe not. He does like flowers...however...
food is more in line to the path towards his heart.
So, this one really was for my own benefit.
Sorry...here I am apologizing and I just couldn't help myself...
I just had to plug in yet another flower bouquet ;0)

Ok...back to what 'Hubby' and I enjoy together...

Maybe a great start to a weekend style
breakfast with a delight like this one:
'baked French toast with Strawberry and banana'?

Maybe a leisurely elegant brunch like we just finished having on
Easter Monday...our small Italian 'Pasquetta' celebration?
Grateful to have tasty leftovers...
a 'rustic potato lentil frittata' was created also that same day.

Or...maybe something like this memorable
I can still taste all those flavours as I'm writing this.

Or...will it be an evening meal like this lovely
'Asian inspired dark beer Chicken roast'  
which blessed our table not too long ago?

Hey...wait a minute...is anyone realizing a pattern here.
Am I the only one that has come to the realisation
that celebratory meals are had at our table quite a lot already!?!
Ohhh...I can just hear 'Hubby' saying something like...
"that's all very nice...but that was the past...now, whatta you got?"
Alright then...a little patience...I'm sure I'll surprise him with something.

Or...maybe, something similar to these incredibly flaky...
 ' Chocolate apple nut Phyllo triangle pockets '.

Right now, I can't really say in what form the apology will come in.
However, I'm certainly never at loss of ideas for something divinely scrumptious ;0)

Flavourful wishes,

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