SUNDAY LUNCH_Mom had a SPRING in her step!

Sunday Lunch:
Mom had a 'SPRING' in her step.
Well, at least it has at my parents' kitchen.

Not a grand affair...however, a much appreciated meal
and a very inviting setting which served
as a pre-amble to a good'ole, albeit,
very simple traditional Sunday lunch.

Where's the rest of the lunch???
Oops...after having taken the initial pasta plate...
we all got carried away with our hundred words a minute chatting.
Catching up can sometimes make you forget to take photos?!?
Sorry about that.
I know...am I not supposed to ALWAYS be thinking
about recording everything I do with FOOD?!!
... Especially since I started journaling about it?
I admit, it does take some getting used to.
I could only promise to hopefully do better next time.

Just so that you know...lunch was kept very simple:
. A 'rigatoni' PASTA plate with the typical meat sauce.
. A helping of meat tenderized by the slow-cooked TOMATO sauce.
. A side of mixed SALAD greens.
. A small CHEESE platter with BREAD...
to fill in the gaps of those who still had place in their tummies.

Now, no CHEESE for me today...
I was keeping a spot for...
what else...DESSERT and CAPPUCCINO.

Simple lunches are a good thing...
especially when looking forward to our Pre-VALENTINE'S dessert:

Look what my Mommy made...

Mom finally got around to using the new ‘bundt’ cake pan I got for her lately.
It was, after all a hint to get her baking again.
Why should I always be the one to treat everyone to DESSERTS?!?

Not bad for your first try after how many years has it been Mom?

I suspect, that after you've seen these
lovely photos of your small masterpiece...
you may want to re-think giving it another go at it.

Her excuse for letting go of the baking...
is that since I've become a more avid baker...
she thinks she got away with treating
us to her once great baking talents.

Not so fast Mom!
I know, I for one...can't wait to eat your next 'Sweet Treat'...
after all, you were my inspiration to baking as I grew up.

Thank you both for a
very nice Sunday Lunch.

What did you have for Sunday Lunch?

Flavourful wishes,

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