FOOD and ART...
A great combo for easing the mind.

For a full 10 minutes...nothing was on my mind...
except for creating this slightly meagre looking duck?
What did you think it was?
Careful...constructive criticism only please.

I admit...these swans do look great.
source: PrivateChefWorld.com

Anyhow...it doesn't really matter...does it?
I did amuse myself...and the real bonus...was my hubby's grin ;0)

Now...here's some FOOD for THOUGHT

Is FOOD meant for EATING?

Is FOOD meant to be a CONVERSATION piece?
Or...is FOOD for the well being of our MENTAL states?

Strangely enough, it had already been a while that the
interest of food transformation into works of art intrigued me.

Planning to do an article on ' FOOD ART '
was not necessarily in the plans right away.
There were so many more things I wanted to voice first.
However, once more, to my surprise...everything changed.
I decided to step on the accelerator.
After all...I do want to do my small part in alleviating
all the so-called ' disturbed people ' in the world.

Disturbed people?
What does this have anything to do with Food Art?

Well, I was very recently sent one of those pesky chain letters...
declaring of all things...
' International disturbed People's day '
That in itself felt disturbing to me.
Why?...because it says to send the letter to 3 friends that you feel are disturbed.
Hmmm, is my friend trying to tell me something?
Is there something she sees that I don't?

The message in the letter states:

“ Don't take life so SERIOUSLY!‏
"Alright...I agree.
Even though life throws us a few curve balls...
at the end, things DO usually work themselves out."

" Every sixty seconds that you spend...
" Not too pretty...it ages you! "

" That one does creep up on me sometimes."


" Guilty...at times "

is a full MINUTE
" Wow, that's fast! "

of HAPPINESS you'll never get back! "
" I whole heartedly agree!"

" Or...for some...it can seem too long."

"Depends which rules we're speaking of? "

FORGIVE quickly,
"Now this is a biggy in my book"

KISS slowly,
" I can manage that ;0) "

LOVE truly,
"...that's an easy one for me "

LAUGH uncontrolably,
"...sometimes...until my lungs and ribs hurt "

And never regret anything that made you SMILE.."
" How could I possibly disagree? "

...and lastly it says to:
"Please send an encouraging message to a disturbed friend".
I'll willingly and gratefully accept the ' Friend ' part...
however, the last part is what concerned me ;0(

Until that letter...I had never heard of this very DISTURBING DAY...had you?
I very curiously ‘googled’ the phrase to find out if there was actually such a day?
After 10 minutes of quick searching...
I soon realized that there was no such date of the day in question.
Here, again, was another chain letter concoction in the
universe of pesky chain-type messages.

However, in this particular letter...at the very least...
some smiles and chuckles did raise my spirits a little more.

And, if food can alleviate mental strain
without ingesting the calories...
more power to our food!

Do you feel you may qualify to also get this letter?
Do you think another friend may benefit from this message?
I hopefully want to believe that my friend's true intention...
was to amuse me as opposed to sending me a disturbing message?!?

After all, she knows how much I love
both anything FOOD and ART related.
I knew that food played a huge role in a person's life...especially mine.
However, once I dove into the subject, this medium of artistic 'WOWness'...
has brought my perception of the uses of food to a whole new level.

When I was younger, my parents hosted many dinner parties.
Along with our lovely table spread...
some of our own simplistic food art was displayed on platters.
Who knew then, what a little tool and water bath could create?

At first they all looked so unimpressive...
but then, some truly amazing amateur work resulted.
We were so impressed with ourselves.

Now, regular artist wannabes have gotten into the action...
showing and telling about it to the world.

EXTRAORDINARY craftsmanship.

Don't you just love food?
It brings on a whole other way of thinking and
concentrating on things other than problems?!?

Oh, and let's not forget how it has put
some Psychologists out of a few less patients.

Thanks to the internet...we are kept amused.

I now am consoled that, IF ever, I feel mental anguish...
good friends and their pesky chain letters will alleviate any anxiety.

I just have to look up FOOD ART...
and voila ... Happy Days.

Happy carvings and flavourful wishes,

Comments ...???... or suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com

Please Note:
Most of these IMAGES were randomly borrowed from many UNKNOWN and PROPERLY TRACEABLE food artists.  If you are the original artist...please notify me so that I can quickly and appropriately credit you concerning your fabulous work. Thank you.