DEVOTION to the letter D in FOOD and beyond

Passing through my thoughts...DEVOTION
The letter D in FOOD and beyond.

You may be thinking...the letter D in pineapples?
Could it be all about the letter D in DESSERTS?

Well, unfortunately for all the 'sweet tooths'...
we’ll have to wait this one out for today.

So what else could it be?
Is it about at least SOME foods which begin with the letter D ?

DAIRY...Too vast of a topic to speak of right now. However, very soon, I will be sharing some great recipes of easy homemade ice-cream and of course cheese derived desserts like this... 'Coffee Chocolate cheesecake' topped with my specialty  'Frozen Chocolate Mousse'.
DANDELION...Not too much of an exciting green. However, not only is it a highly immune strengthening salad...the roots are of great use too! I will soon be posting an article and dessert recipe on my latest discovery about the roots of this pesky garden weed.
DATES...It is the season for very plump sweetly textured 'Medjool' dates.  However, I'll keep this very interesting dried fruit loaded with iron goodness for another dedicated topic soon.  In the meantime...here's an interesting appetizer to try:   Italian stuffed DATES. 

DEMERARA sugar...Not an innocent sugar bystander, but not quite as health destructive as refined white sugar either! I do use this coarse crunchy sweet to sprinkle on many of my breakfast meals as well as some desserts which will be divulged soon too.
DESSERT...I do have a reputation for looking up the dessert menu first as well as judging a recipe book by its delectable dessert section. This subject is way too vast for me not to give its weight in gold! In the meantime...if you're wondering...this is my: 'Pineapple Spice reversed cake torte...yum. 
DEVILED eggs...Who has not made, seen or eaten one of these tasty cuties. Brings back great festive memories. I'll have to re-do these sometime soon.
DIJON mustard...As some may have noticed...or soon to discover...this is definitely one of my top 5 go-to condiments.  I can’t say enough about it.  Look for it in most of my recipes.  I highly advise to never skimp on flavour by substituting this wonderfully punchy condiment.
DIM SUM...This, for me is a treat. The variations that lend themselves to this yummy experience are mind boggling. I always get a thrill witnessing how the servers come whipping around with their delicious dim sum carts. I honestly enjoy going out to eat this feast.  I have yet to personally try making them in my kitchen. Will I one day?

DIPS...I do modestly feel the title ‘Princess’ of dips is quite appropriate. I’ll be incrementally integrating recipes for these delicious dips throughout my food journaling adventure. Here, I have my light but very rich tasting  'Yogu Avocado dip' balanced out by a re-freshing raw 'Artichoke Parmesan Salad '.

DOUGHNUTS...Aluring sweetly covered ‘beignets’.  I devour them only on occasion.  I never attempted making them due to the fact that I am extremely uncomfortable frying anything other than the odd french fry.  I'll leave this one to the talented others.

DRESSING...I can whip up several combinations in a matter of minutes. I enjoy enhancing mixed greens with these tasty blends. I’ll add these recipes in throughout my healthy meal segment articles.
Basically...all you really need, are great flavourful ingredients...and voila...a can’t miss recipe for success.

DULCE de Leche...My new best friend or not! I have been torn since the discovery of this smooth silky caramel. It is too dangerous for me to have hanging around. If I'm not using it for a recipe...I could too easily scoop it up and strangely have it in mouth in seconds!?! This luscious South American caramel is so versatile. I'm soon going to be baking this delicate looking, however very easy ' Dulce de Leche souffle '. Can't wait to eat it.  In the meantime, here's a very easy, no-bake frozen treat:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche frozen pie

DUMPLINGS...Many ethnic recipes splurge a huge quantity of scrumptious goodies.  Just for now, my relation to these food types are still a little foreign in my kitchen abilities.  How difficult could it be?  Now, maybe what is shown in this photo from a fancy Chinese banquet...may be a tad challenging?!?

DRAGONFRUIT...aka ' Pitaya'.  One of my latest moments of fruit ‘awesomeness‘.  Not only is it strangely beautiful inside and intricately designed on the outside...it is quite surprisingly divine.  I will further have to explore this tropical fruit splendour very soon.

Therefore...if the initial intent of this article
was not totally about food...then what ?

Well, before I continue with my research and articles concerning our
culinary universe...let me share what has been in my thoughts lately.
As I’m writing this piece...even though I realize that I have
slightly digressed...I am feeling an enlightenment of sorts.

My search, once again threw me off my original course.
I did, however, selfishly manage to amuse myself in the 
re-discovery of some personal favourite foods beginning with the letter D.

You must know that I could have gone on and on.
Therefore, a tiny apology for having kept you hanging around as long as I have.

Now, here's my personal declaration about the letter D in devotion:

As you know, many unfortunate, disruptive events have been happening in the last few decades.
It has most of us to re-evaluating everything that has been turned upside down in our tormented universe.
However, this said...much inspiration has emerged from people from every corner of the world.

There seems, however, to be a glimmer of hope towards peace within mankind.
Could complete world peace be possible one day?!?
Well, I believe that in our lifetime...at the very least...we may have a chance to witness some welcomed hand- reaching gestures.  The rest will take the time it needs to come to its proper fruition.

Although, tough events has conveyed peoples' uglier characteristics...
it has also brought on its tremendous unifying side also.

This unification has been shown by no other than the latest devastation in Haiti.
The global population has reached out more than usual to encourage Haitians by making their daily living a little more comfortable.
Much aid towards hopefully soon
re-building their country into a stronger dignified place to live is now possible.
photo source: everythingHaitian.com

In addition to some very recent news of a another hefty earthquake...the Chileans will no doubt need our assistance in this fallen upon terrible event.
Without hesitation, once again, we, as a united population (at least in important dire moments) will surely be on call to help restore parts of their beautiful country also.
source: LatinImmersion.com

Outside of picking up after mother nature’s destructive path...
our people are also responsible for having brought us brighter outlooks.

source: cococakecupcakes.blogspot.com

For one, is the extraordinary continued interest in some very talented world athletes.
Canada has been very fortunate to host this years' competing 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
The true nature of devotion, will and has been witnessed in this very popular event.

I am far from being athletic...
and admit to not being a sports fanatic.
However, I can’t help admiring the sheer
discipline and determination
brought on by these excessively capable athletes.

This awaited cherished event has sure come a long way since the ‘Nordic Games’ event held in 1901 in SWEDEN.

Then, on to the very first organized 1924 Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, FRANCE.

The second world war may have very unfortunately interrupted the Winter Olympics event during the 1940s. However, it’s ongoing success sure proved that not much could permanently stop these athletes from celebration.



I want to finish off this slightly off the food topic article with a big shout out of CONGRATULATIONS to all the devoted athletes of our great big sometimes
misunderstood world.

I also don’t want us to ever forget to recognize and appreciate the highly organized (however sometimes controversial) machine that goes behind supporting these games.
Lastly, though, more importantly...we have to admire the needed support that these athletes receive from their loved ones.
They are truly the backbone of the continued spirit that brings forth these gifted winter athletes in all their deserved GLORY.
photo: Sandra(socake)'s flickr.com 

Thank you Vancouver, British Columbia for hosting the 21st WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES in one of the loveliest friendly cities we have in MY great natal country we call CANADA.

Here, the Olympians and their fans were happily received by Vancouver’s four Host First Nations welcome poles at the opening ceremony.
source: NYdailynews.com


 To our Canadian Olympians...
you make us PROUD.
photo: One80.com

Sooner than we think...the torch will be passed on from Beijing’s Summer Olympics back to Europe.

The very fortunate city of...
London, England will have the opportunity to host the 2012 summer games for an incredible third time.

Then, by the year 2014, we’ll be back to winter sports again.
This time, the Olympics will be highlighted in SochiRussia.  This will be a first occasion for them to open their arms in hosting the next eventful celebration.

Alright, just about now... I‘m feeling a slight overwhelming emotion.
The ending to where it all began is soon to be celebrated tonight.

Alright, enough for now...I’m done feeling all choked up.

I think I better start putting my thoughts to lighter subjects...
like...maybe what’s for brunch this weekend?

layered with a creamy

Flavourful wishes,

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