Welcome 2010...HAPPY NEW YEAR

Once again, a NEW YEAR is upon us.

source: DazzleJunction.com

Looking back...here are some of
my thoughts and reflections.
Throughout these very tough times...
the past HOLIDAY SEASON has
shone a light on the true ritual and meaning
 of exchanging CHRISTMAS offerings.
source: Fairy Factory designs (cafepress.ca)

People resolved themselves to do something different.
They dared to face the hardship of losing practically all.
The possessions they seeked...became a far cry from
the necessities that were increasing on their daily list.
Generally, most have proven to have
painstakingly accepted their truth.
They learned to put their pride aside...
adjust their mindsets...and moved on.

We have become increasingly creative with
much less than we were abundantly used to.
Once again, we proudly adhered to contributing
to the lovely gift of giving homemade treats.

Gingerbread cookie recipe: allrecipes.com

Some, I'm sure, were pleasantly surprised
how well their gifts were received.
For many of us...this past HOLIDAY
has blessed us with a new kind of JOY.

JOYS that will carry us right through into 2010 and beyond.
A leader of sorts...the month of JANUARY
will hopefully be the marker not only to a
brand new year, 
but most importantly to a re-birth of the
gift of homemade givings and the generousity of our time to those in need.
Let us embrace the elimination of
the 'exuberance' type attitude that has so
detrimentally weighed on our shoulders.

Let's all celebrate and wish each other
loads of HEALTH, HARMONY and PEACE to all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR...and flavourful wishes,

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