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Best of FILM - DVD
Viewings for FOODIES.
Films that educate, enlighten and inspire.

source: RetiredFilmGuys.com

Exploring the entertainment universe through
most of everything pertaining to FOOD.
I just could not believe what an incredibly
extensive list this could become.
Once I started...I could not let it go.

So, how did I begin this outrageous endeavour?
What began as a fun informational research
(at least in part to search for rental movies over the holiday)...
soon became a plethora of choices pertaining to several of my interests.

I was then led much further...and through my vigorous digging...
I soon found myself swimming in a sea of films pertaining to the wide world of food.

From the very light and entertaining...
to mind-boggling documentaries...
this research had (much later) proven
to be a very good use of my time.
It confirmed itself as both interesting as well as intriguing.

At the worst of times, although some of the food related documentaries
revealed themselves to be quite disturbing...they nonetheless piqued my interest.
Some (which I had never heard of before) have now made my list of 'must see DVD'.
For those that know me well...
you must be wondering how the heck did she get
remotely involved in such an elaborate research???
Well, I'm just as surprised, if not more than you are 
....on this incredible obsessive exercise.
This is how it all unfolded. 
Hubby and I were disappointed about the lack of choices on cable. 
In addition, going back and forth to the video store became a futile exercise.
We were both fed up of spending wayyyy too much time sorting through vast selections.  
Especially since most times did not even satisfy our viewing requirements.

So, off I went searching for some
type of cyber oriented DVD rental outlet.

Besides picking a list of the regular comedies, dramas, etc...
I dove into the subject of...what else?...FOOD!

Wow...so many DVD titles...
most of which had never passed my radar.

I, soon found myself making note on all
selections that seemed pleasing to me...
as well as taking note of 'excerpts' by their members' comments.
Much time later...
I realized this list was getting ridiculously longer by the minute.

I would have wished that this would have already been
categorized by the rental companies.
However, to my disappointment, but not to my surprise...
some finger work on my part was necessitated.

Was I crazy to continue?
I was behind in my work...
my chores were falling by the way side...
I had not even started my holiday gift wrapping...
let alone to not having yet made
my final holiday cookie selections.

After a while, though...
no matter how interesting of a subject this was...
I eventually found myself slightly
irritated with what was turning out to be
a tediously overwhelming research.

Precious time was passing me by...
though, slightly distressed,
I decided that I couldn't let this go now...
not after I had already spent so many hours on it.

After all, I may not be the only one hopefully benefiting from this?!?
Therefore, here it is in a nice little neat
package (unwrapped) for all of my fellow 'foodies'.

No need to thank me...well, maybe just a little gratitude can go a long way ;0)
However, please DO let me know that these efforts were useful to you.
It will guide me into continuing the sharing of these outrageous researches.

I also look forward to finding some time to
view and comment on some of these films myself.

Flavourful wishes and Happy viewing,

Comments or suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com