Get out of your kitchen!

Get out of your kitchen! 
Outdoor Splendour in Winter Wonderland.

There is more to our lives than...
* obsessing about recipes *
* planning the meals *
* grocery shopping * putting it away *
* cleaning and prepping food * 
*cooking or baking it *
* cleaning up the mess *
...and the final joy...
the full circle moment of eating it too.

Our very healthy ' Rustic HAMBURGER ' feast

Contrary to what some may believe...
' Foodies ' do have lives outside of journaling
about food and everything related to it.

Montfort - Lake Wentworth [Laurentians] Quebec
courtesy photos from a fellow snowshoer

Most of us juggle the many facets of a
regular daily routine like others also.
Of course, our pup...' Sushi '
does come first!
' Prince ' of our ' Royal Kingdom '...
... the center of our universe!
When he's happy ... we're happy.

We ' Foodies '... just have found a
little spare time to organize
ourselves to do what we like best...
talk about FOOD of course.
Tree Mushrooms...alive and kicking in full Quebec winter.

It is no different than whatone would choose as a hobby.
We, just do it a little differently.

We journal about it publicly so that others can share the same joy 
by living vicariously through our culinary experiences.
Parisian Pastry Shop...we were fortunate to have visited.

It is, for most of us...a creative and expressive outlet
which pours out from the deep rooted passion
we have for this fabulous ' foodism ' universe.

What are your precious...

Flavourful wishes, Foodessa

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