FOOD, where DO you really come from?

FOOD...where DO you really come from?

Today, I wanted to reveal a serious side to our enjoyment of food...
all in the name of continuing my ' Exploration of the Culinary World '.
That is, after all, why I started this site in the first place.
Therefore, I want to share, what in my opinion, is a face to one of
the least pleasant sides which our culinary universe contends with.
At times, I, like many others selectively choose
to eat (for lack of better expression) through our rosy coloured eyes.

Just in case anyone out there has not yet seen the film documentary ' FOOD, INC.'...
nor have you had the chance to tune into the Oprah show lately...
mentioned below are directives on the critically important things you...
need to know about where your FOOD REALLY COMES FROM.  

 I was debating if I should weigh on this matter...
especially since many have done so already.
However, in all honesty...I figured it would do no harm.
At the very least, it serves to remind ourselves
not to mindlessly eat our way through life.

For those that still have not seen at least one
documentary that shines the light over the hidden truth
of our food industries...well, your in for a shock.
However, do not let that deter you from informing
yourself in order to do improve your health.

A small reminder never hurt anyone.  It's not a perfect scenario.
However, it is better than continuing this madness of
bringing our health into a tailspin.

A whirlwind of future dependencies on
medications and surgeries just to keep ourselves alive?
If you've been living mostly carelessly and...
not paying much attention to what you ingest...
it's never too late to make small changes to improuve your health.
It just takes a certain part of society to participate
in making changes in order to begin revolutionizing the food industry.
As we follow the path to this better way of eating...
let's all help each other make more informed decisions.
Let's take that little bit of time we have left to
prepare ourselves homemade meals with
the food that WE have carefully chosen.
Don't place too high of an expectation on yourself...
remember baby steps will get you there.

Other resources: I have also compiled a vast selection of:

Here is a summary of key points that were touched upon from the show...
" The Truth About Food ":

1. How to open your eyes in regards to what some believe come from the misleading food industry.
2. Test your Knowledge with this Food 101 Quiz...this quiz is on the Oprah site.  You may be surprised at some of the responses.
3. Informs you how to make more conscious food choices.
4. The food journalist Michael Pollan (a field expert and author of his latest book:
" Food Rules ") reveals some of his eating guidelines mentioned in his book.
5. After watching or reading about this show...it may lead you to want to know more
and also integrate a few changes in the way you think about food!

Here's a direct excerpt from the show:
Journalist Michael Pollan—a food expert featured in Food, Inc.—says mass food production is the American way. "We spend less on our food than any people who have ever lived, than any people anywhere on earth—9.5 percent of our income."  A prime example of this is chicken—an animal Michael says has been re-engineered through breeding and diet to produce the breast meat consumers want. Compared to 50 years ago, chickens are now raised and slaughtered in half the time and grow twice as big.
In one way, Michael says this is a great achievement. "  Chicken used to be this special occasion, Sunday night dinner. [It] was the expensive meat," he says. "Now it's the cheap meat."
"But you have to understand there's a price to that, and the price is you can only do it with lots of antibiotics," Michael says. "You give all those antibiotics to your animals, they're not gonna work for you when you need them".

If you're interested in further reading on what
 was said on the Oprah show...here is a direct link:
" The Truth About Food "

Flavourful wishes and thoughtful viewing,

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