Kitchen Counter Real Estate

How valuable is your...
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If you would have to pick one of the
following kitchen items...which would you pick?

Dish Rack OR Dishwasher
Fast... quick response!

I can bet my very last dollar that most would have
quickly answered that the dish rack would be
no contest to the dishwasher...right?

Sure most of us sincerely thank the day these wonderful machines were created.
One of the best creations since sliced bread...right?
I'm sure most are nodding with a resounding yes...yes...of course.
Why even think of such things?
Why bring up the past?

Can't possibly imagine not being able to just flip open that door...stuff it full of dishes
...a little soap...a press of a button...and voila...presto...
dish be gone...or at least hope it turns out squeaky clean.
Hold on, do you think maybe, just maybe, you answered to quickly without reflection?

Like any one of you, I too, would have probably pushed the same button.
Besides, I am always resenting my dish rack for taking up very valuable kitchen counter real estate.
Nonetheless...in hindsight...I had to rewind my
thoughts and take a pause to really think about it.

How did this strange question come about?

Well, yesterday, while I was shooting a few food layouts...
the camera lens somehow captured a part
of a heaping stack of dishware.
So, just for the heck of it, I took a photo of it also.
I thought it would somehow be funny to integrate it into one of my recipe stories.

However, sometime later, when I saw it on my computer screen...it hit me.
As much as I hate seeing that thing on the counter...
and as much as I love my dishwasher...there really is no real contest.
I would now, have to re-think my response to this debate.

Not withstanding the choice of being able to put
a cloth on your counter to handle a few items...
how many of you would say they no longer NEED the dish rack?!?

In the last few years, one would think it would be harder to find dish racks in the store.
Wrong, not only are they still around...
they are getting expensive and somewhat too fancy and complex...
almost to the point, that they embellish the counter at the expense of practicality.

It wasn't too long ago...
when my dish rack was seeing the last of its days.
Replacing it had become a daunting task.
Not only were the modernized dish racks getting pricier...
they were much less sturdy that the last one I had held for the last 18 years.

At the end of this shopping exercise, however tempted I was to decorate my...
kitchen with the countless fancier dish racks...I reluctantly put down my arms.
I quickly realized the choice had already been made...way before I set out shopping.
I am after all a very practical woman first.

Decor and the TRUE reliable practicality of a dish rack
was unfortunately, in my opinion, yet to be designed.

No matter how tempting some racks looked...
I always found the total of its imperfections to serve useless in my kitchen.

Which one would you choose...???
This innovative contraption...

OR ... would this less pleasing rack do just fine?

So with less choice than I initially started with...
back to choosing the old reliable (although less sturdy) dish rack.
The chef in the kitchen won over my designer instincts yet again.
I say again...because I have faced this dilemma on many
kitchen supplies and equipment choices...
many more times than I could count.

After, some reflection on this strange question...
has anyone changed there mind on their initial response?
I have to admit, realizing how very much I do and have mightily used my dish rack...
I would have to console myself that IF I would no longer have my dishwasher...
I would always be thankful to have my very dependable dish rack.

Well, there you have it in a dish rack.
Inventions are great and they definitely do make part of our lives easier.
However, never underestimate the tried and true dish rack ;o)
You can always count on your dish rack to continue taking up valuable counter real estate. 
Got you thinking about things that would have probably never crossed your mind?
If so, let me know how you would truly answer this question and why?

Flavourful wishes, Foodessa

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