eggless DULCE de LECHE nut ice cream

Light, eggless and decadent DULCE de LECHE and NUT ice cream.
Also embrace a nature park adjacent to an enchanting heritage village.

Lately I've been trying a few ice-cream delicacies where Dulce de Leche figured prominently. 
One soon became memorable, as others became quickly...
disappointing not to mention extremely caloric.

Through a few try outs of my own, I came up with a practically guilt-free...
ice-cream by using none other than my go-to evaporated milk technique.
No one could tell the difference from the high fat as well as egg custard based ice-creams.
After two tries, success met my lips...now success can meet yours as well.

Just don’t forget to get a little exercise before you head back for your frozen treat.

Bordering Montreal's Rivière des Prairies, the borough of Ahuntsic holds a real gem in its fold.
The embracing nature park Île-de-la-Visitation is adjacent to...
the enchanting heritage village of du Sault-au-Récollet.

Way back in the early 18th century, this district was bustling with activity and the community was tight.
Today, some ancient homes have either been completely transformed to be...
unrecognizable or unfortunately destroyed through mostly accidental fires.
Fortunately for us, many still stand in all their glory as several remaining structures...
have been nursed back to health and captive beauty.

Here's a simple, very few ingredients and deliciously smooth ice-cream treat.
No real need for an ice-cream machine...just follow the instructions and your almost there.

DULCE de LECHE and NUT ice-cream
Eggless custard base

No ice-cream machine required

yields about 4 cups (1L) 

(American / Metric measures)
Note: 1 can (370ml/1-1/2 cups) of evaporated milk will be needed

...Custard Cream- Part-1 to be made ahead of time
. 1/2 cup (125ml) 2% milk
. 1/2 cup (125ml) 2% evaporated milk
. 1 cup (250ml) Dulce de Leche
. 1/4 tsp. (1.25ml) sea salt

...Custard Cream - continued - Part-2 ...to later place into freezer
. 1 cup (250ml) 2% evaporated milk

Add-in (optional):
1 cup (85g) chopped nuts:
     (like Pecans or roasted Almonds)



. Part-1 - Cream custard:  
1. In a small saucepan, heat the milks on LOW-MEDIUM heat  just until warm enough to the touch.  Afterwards, add the Dulce de Leche and whisk on MEDIUM heat until a thickening begins slightly as the custard rises in the pot.  At this point dip a spoon to rub a line through the coating.  The custard is done when the edges along the line keep their shape. Immediately close the heat and remove it to set it aside.  Whisk in the sea salt.
2. After (whisking in between) 10 minutes of cooling, transfer the custard into a medium bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap touching the surface.  Leave it for about 30 minutes before refrigerating it for a minimum of 3 hours to overnight. 
. Part-2:  (next day or just later in the same day)
3. Pour the remaining evaporated milk into a deep, large stainless steel bowl and place it into the freezer. Leave it undisturbed for 2 to 2-1/2 hrs. all depending on the freezer's strength. The center should not be completely frozen.

. ASSEMBLY: (do these next steps with urgency...keeping ingredients always as cold as possible.)
4. Remove the bowl from the freezer.  With an electrical whisk, whip the partially frozen milk until it holds its peak.  Then, gently fold and whisk in the cold custard into the whipped evaporated milk.   Note: Here's where an ice-cream machine can be used.   Otherwise, place this mix (covered) at the back of the freezer.
5. After the first 30 minutes, give the ice-cream a quick whisk to break up the initial forming crystals.  Freeze and repeat the whisking within the next 30 minutes.
6. Freeze again for a last 30 minutes, then whisk and *add in the optional nuts before immediately pouring the mix into a freezer proof container.

This enchanting village surrounded by kilometers of nature park paths has...
captured my curiosity as well as my heart.

If you have a chance, please do make it out here for some promenades and...
then for some ice-cream of course ;o)

Flavourful wishes,

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Please take note on how I bake and cook...
Here’s a 101 of sorts to make sure that there are no disappointments when trying my creations.  
Also...just so you know...feel free to increase the salt and sweet factor since I'm not high on either of them ;o)

. Use DRY cup measurements for...you guessed it...all DRY ingredients.
Anything DRY gets measured by spooning the overfilled ingredient (never shake the cup) and then level off with a flat edged tool.  Exception...Brown sugar should be packed in and leveled.
. Use LIQUID cup measurements for...all LIQUIDS that cannot be leveled like for example butter, yogurt...etc.  Measure the liquids at eye level to avoid overdoing what the recipe truly needs.
OVENS are unfortunately not created equal.  Mine is so old that it has reached many degrees off it's norm.  It's really worth investing a few dollars to test yours with an appropriate oven thermometer.  You'd be surprised how many ovens I've heard about not being where they should have been.  Before you lose any more ingredients and much time preparing a new recipe...run to the store...you'll thank me later.