Appearance after MY unusual Summer MOVE

Every Summer has proven to be special in its own way...
and this particular one was certainly no exception.

As most of you can imagine...
my home and office move was not without challenge and certainly not uneventful.

What else is new?   
Nothing worth having comes easy...does it?  
I continually remind myself to keep my patience and appreciation cap on ;o)

I'll be thoughtful and spare you the lacklustre details of my last month.  
For now, I acceptably got my office and home in an a respectable order.
Mostly, I'm thrilled and still pinching myself about by my new surroundings ;o)  

Although my kitchen is still waiting for its highly required range hood...
I'm finally installed within my long sought after dream home location.

Along with living in an urban type setting...
this location is a gem in a practically unknown part of Montreal.  
I finally have the best of two worlds...
nature walks and the fairly close hustle/bustle of urban life for when I need it.

My friendly ducks get a visit from me more often...
and I'm incredibly at peace in my new surroundings.

During this whole moving saga...
a few minor health setbacks did come about.
Nothing serious, but enough to have the brakes forced upon me for a little while.  
This, has unfortunately further backlogged a few areas of my life...
including getting back here with you to share some of Foodessa's culinary journey.
The upside to not using my kitchen too often was to be hosted at friends as well as...
at my parents' table as shown here below through this wonderful spread.

Everything from:
...the appetizer with a...
 ...the main flavourful meal consisted of the...
...accompanied by a memorable...
...and of course...
Mom's specialty of stuffed Portobello mushrooms with a Radicchio salad side dish
Thanks for honouring some of my recipes Mom ;o)

In the meantime, I have surprisingly managed to...
prepare a few meals between the hectic packing and organizing. 

Although challenged in the best of times...
some dishes turned out very satisfying and absolutely repeatable.

I'm sure I will at some point record and later post some of...
the recipes I created during the last month or so.
For example, this pork tenderloin was turned into an incredibly appetizing creation. 
Orange Red Pepper Curry Pork filet on Asparagus
It will have to be shared in the near future for sure ;o)

During the next short while...
I'll ask you to please be a little more patient with me until I organize myself further.

I'd also like to make a special mention to all those who wrote to me during my absence.
My heartfelt thanks goes to all of you...it was nice to be missed ;o)

I'm happy to be back to share a small slice of my life. 
Soon, I'll be sharing experiences from my new cucina as well.

Have a wonderful week and best regards,

Comments ... ??? ... or suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com