CITRUS glazed RICOTTA cookies

Tangy LEMONS and sweet ORANGES...
will delight you in every bite from these cake-like cookies.

The very first time I was given the pleasure to be introduced to these lovely textured, tangy mouthfuls was at a bridal shower.

Before that moment, although I have baked my share of Ricotta based goodies....I had never heard of or tried these cake-like cookies.

Actually, the ones I had tried that day...
were flavoured solely with lemon.

Obviously, for me to want to bake yet another cookie which at this point was really not appropriate since bathing suit season is a knocking...did I need to have more temptation???  Not really!
So, what came next... I shamefully convinced myself that I was going to show a lot of restraint. After all, these babies did apparently freeze very well.

So, I went forth with my 'pushiness' and asked around to whom I should be speaking to in order to 'mooch' off this recipe.
She, unlike some who usually guard their precious recipe secrets...had so generously offered to email it to me very soon
Now...the word soon (as far as I'm concerned) means give or take within the next week. Well, what planet was I from?  Not in todays' timeline it seemed. 

Tick tock...I got slightly impatient and headed off on my all dependable cyber search. Oh, boy...did I get a few versions of this type of recipe or what!  I knew that I was probably going to end up twisting everything and making it my own...so I went ahead and picked five of the best versions out there.
Alright, it was time to evaluate each one...make my notes and re-revise them carefully before I got to baking them that weekend.
To my delight...before the week was up...guess which email had arrived?  Oh, I was soooo pleased.  Especially since her recipe is what got me started on this little obsession of mine. The only way I can explain this type of behaviour...hormones...my excuse to any strange-like craziness. ;o)

I took a very careful look at her recipe and decided that the recipe I had concocted with the additional taste of orange and other important tweaks might have a chance to turn out better in texture and flavour. I also decided to make one quick change about the sugar content...and off I went.

CITRUS glazed RICOTTA cookies
makes 4 dozens

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(American / Metric measures)

Reserve citrus juice to use in both parts of the following recipe:
. 1 big lemon, finely zested and juiced
. 1 big orange, finely zested and juiced

. 2 cups (300g) All-Purpose flour
. 1 tsp. (5ml) baking powder
. 1/2 tsp. (2.5ml) sea salt
. 1/4 tsp. (1.25ml) baking soda
. 1/2 cup (125g) unsalted butter (softened)
. 1-1/4 cups (275g) granulated sugar
. 1 xLarge egg
. 1 cup (230g) Ricotta cheese
. 2 Tbsps. (30ml) lemon juice
. 2 Tbsps. (30ml) orange juice
. 1 Tbsp. (15ml) each of the finely zested citrus

...for the cookie GLAZE:
. 1 cup (150g) confectioners' sugar
. 1-1/2 tbsp. (45ml) each of the citrus juices


. Pre-heat the oven at: 350F/180C/Gas4
(only once the dough has been chilled for at least 1 hour).
. Position the rack on second level from bottom of the oven.
. Line two large cookie sheets with parchment paper.

1. In a large bowl, sift together all the DRY ingredients. Make a well.  Set aside.
2. In a medium bowl, beat the butter with the sugar until fluffy.  Then, beat in the egg as well as the Ricotta cheese, followed by the portion of citrus juice and zests allocated to this part of the recipe.

3. Pour the WET mixture into the DRY  one.  With a spatula, combine and fold until flour disappears. Do not over mix.  Cover and refrigerate for about 1 hour.   Note: About 20 minutes before the chilled cookie dough is taken out of the fridge, start pre-heating the oven. 
4. Set up one baking sheet at the time. Then, with two spoons, roughly shape 24 walnut-sized cookie portions.  Place them about 1 inch (5cm) apart.   The remaining dough should be placed back into the fridge until a few minutes before the first cookie batch has baked.
. BAKE for about 18 minutes or until lightly gold on the edges.  When ready, have them cool on the pan for about 5 more minutes.  Then, transfer them onto a cooling rack.  Repeat for the next cookie sheet.

5. In a small bowl, sift the icing sugar. Then, whisk in the remaining citrus juices until smooth.  At this point, make sure the glaze has a slightly thick consistency.  If not thick enough, add more icing sugar.
...SETTING the GLAZE: (Only once the cookies have properly cooled)
7. Take the same pieces of parchment used for baking and place them under the racks which you’ll be using to set the glaze on the cookies.  Slowly spoon the glaze over each cookie surface.  Let them rest on the racks for at least 90 minutes.
...STORAGE tips: 
. Place them into an airtight metal container layered by parchment paper for up to 1 week.  Or, better yet, preserve their freshness by packaging them into a parchment paper and into a freezer bag for up to 1 month.   Enjoy.

The verdict:
I was absolutely thrilled with my boldness.
Due to my tenacity to make this recipe my own, everything turned out great.

I have made sure to update this recipe so that the next batch of cookies will turn out perfectly.

Let’s put on the coffee and
get ready to enjoy these cuties.

Flavourful wishes,

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Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com

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Please take note on how I bake and cook...
Here’s a 101 of sorts to make sure that there are no disappointments when trying my creations.  
Also...just so you know...feel free to increase the salt and sweet factor since I'm not high on either of them ;o)
. Use DRY cup measurements for...you guessed it...all DRY ingredients.
Anything DRY gets measured by spooning the overfilled ingredient (never shake the cup) and then level off with a flat edged tool.  Exception...Brown sugar should be packed in and leveled.
. Use LIQUID cup measurements for...all LIQUIDS that cannot be leveled like for example butter, yogurt...etc.  Measure the liquids at eye level to avoid overdoing what the recipe truly needs.
OVENS are unfortunately not created equal.  Mine is so old that it has reached many degrees off it's norm.  It's really worth investing a few dollars to test yours with an appropriate oven thermometer.  You'd be surprised how many ovens I've heard about not being where they should have been.  Before you lose any more ingredients and much time preparing a new recipe...run to the store...you'll thank me later. 

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