CHOICES - Hand Mouth Connection + Health Food Exhibit

Healthier behaviour can simply start with 
what some call 'Mindful eating habits.

Casual Saturday lunch: Medi Phyllo Pockets with...
Sweet Potato Yogu Chickpea Dip Spread

Unconscious gestures of hand to mouth with
some questionable decisions needs to be re-visited.

At any moment while chewing and ingesting food...
are you really aware of what you are eating?

Who really takes the time to just pay attention to what is on their plate?

Are you savouring each morsel before adding those particular calories in your body?

Unfortunately, most of the time we are eating so fast...it becomes a means to the end of sorts.

Most feel that the duty has been fulfilled to satiate the stomach...at least enough to get to the next task at hand...right?

Are we not ingesting food too quickly?

Eating out of the fridge?

Or eating off your desk (oops...guilty).

Maybe in front of TV...or worse yet, pitifully eating from the corner of a counter? Oh...I just called myself pitiful.
It's really difficult to analyse oneself...but it's time I really took a hard look at some unhealthy habits.

At the very least, some are chatting it up with another at a dining table...and even then, we are still not very particularly attentive to what we are feeding our bodies.

Is it not important?
Of course it is...BUT...who really has the time to concentrate on such an important factor of our lives...when really...we usually have so many other things going on.

Guilty of the same patterns and routines that most of us share...I am quite mindful of the shameful disrespect we allocate to the body that gets us to where we think we should be going or doing.
Therefore, I should try...correction...WILL be...more sensitive to my body's needs.
I do really believe that this subject needs to finally be placed in the forefront.  It keeps coming up constantly.  It's time we give it the honourable attention it deserves.

Is anyone with me on this?

The month of March gives way to soon getting the SPRING in our step.

It's at about that time we look forward to longer bright days ahead.

Starting to feel more positive?
Ok...well maybe not Spring cleaning.

Could today be the day for a shift in our habits?

I'll start off the month of March with concentrating on healthier lifestyle choices.

Don't misunderstand...I am not a negligent person when it comes to my body.
I do exercise and I do try to cook and bake with better healthier selections in mind.

However, like most, I am far from hitting the prize when it comes to how I feel about my physical and mental state.
I know, I can do better.

Can you think of anything that
you can do better for yourself too?

Time to stop talking and do something about it.
Maybe go out there and get a little more practical information?!?

This month, here in Montreal, we will have an exposition on everything to do with our health.
Somehow, thinking that I was doing quite alright with what I already knew...I felt that it may be somewhat a waste of my time to go to this type of show.

In past years...it sounded somewhat interesting, however, it had not intrigued me enough to be lured into the crowds for which this type of exhibit pulls in.
Food health products are presently fiercely sought after.
The real question here is...are all these
so-called healthier products created equal?

I think it's time I dug in a little more.
One of the biggest indicators that people are more concerned about
their health is reflected in these ever growing popular
' Health Food Exhibits '.

Here, in our great lively city of Montreal,
the 13th edition of the ' EAT WELL EXPO and LIVING GREEN' exhibit will take place on the 19th-21st of March...at our 'Palais des Congres' center downtown.   For more info...click here

I am sure that if you can't make it to join us here in Montreal...there is surely one similar to this in your hometown too!

Here, the exhibitors have the chance to show how passionate they are about the state of our health in general.


It is an opportunity to meet and educate ourselves about certain selective products we may choose to purchase in the near future.
Many more services are also on place if one desires to find out more about their physical bodies and therapies to help in making them better.

As mentioned directly on their website...
there are 3 CATEGORIES of exhibitors:

1st category - HEALTH FOODS:
Discover and taste CERTIFIED ORGANIC and non-GMO, NATURAL FOODS,
as well as LOCAL PRODUCTS: ready-to-eat meals, herbs and teas, juices,
pasta, misos, oils, yogurts, cheeses and tofu, etc.

2nd category - ECOLOGY:
ORGANIC and ECOLOGICAL choices are yours to make for better body care,
housekeeping, air and water quality control, etc.

3rd category - GLOBAL HEALTH:
health-enhancing foods, neutriceuticals, supplements, and anti-stress techniques.

I decided to make an effort...as I will attend this year.

Looking forward to reporting back on anything I may think
will be interesting to share with all of you.
Stay tuned.

In the meantime...
I was curious to know if any of you have gone to one of these exhibits?
If you've never gone to any specific Health interest events like this one...
will you think of going to one now?

Hopefully all this will be helpful to some.
Join me in helping us do justice to the wonderful body that keeps us going.

Flavourful wishes,

Comments ... ??? ... or suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com

Please Note:
. Some of these IMAGES were taken by past visitors to the Health Food Expo.
. Some clip-arts were also randomly borrowed from UNKNOWN and PROPERLY TRACEABLE artists.  If you are the original artist...please notify me so that I can quickly and appropriately credit you concerning your fabulous work. Thank you.