Reflection: My thoughts are with the very courageous HAITIANS

Thinking of the very spirited

In the past couple of days, I have not felt quite myself.
Usually I can relate to something responsible for my shift in mood.
This was not a mood nor was it hormonal...
it was sadness...especially for all those children.

source: aDayInHaiti.com

A few feelings of indirect guilt have been sweeping over my existence.
It seems, no matter what is within our capacity to contribute to the relief efforts...
it doesn't quite measure up to what most of us would want to do for
them personally other than donating the understandably needed cash.

This population, having gone through such terrible ordeals and hardships...
still manage to band together and sing...thankful that they are still alive...
and still hold that remaining shred of hope for some better future ahead.

It just brings me to a place deep inside myself, where I question the
way I and our society never seem to be content, but mostly, I am grateful to be
alive and not have to withstand such horrible circumstances.

Lately, before all this came about, I had started taking baby steps
to make major changes in my daily routine.
Not, that it is the only pivotal tragedy that has made me reflect.
There's been so many more unfair events that have happened
to millions...but, this one somehow grabbed my attention in a way
that is difficult to describe.

Now, you must wonder...why am I pouring part of my deep thoughts...
here...of all places...on my culinary site.
It is the pure sense of JOY.

The joy of appreciating my aliveness...the joy of hope...
the joy of planning and eating my next meal...
not wondering if I'll have shelter or be fed today.
All this got me thinking...what brings joy to my heart...
besides being surrounded by loved ones...
FOOD...more precisely and admittedly DESSERT.
It may not bring a smile on my hips...but it does put one on my face.

Ahhh...I’m thankful that the simple things can certainly
bring me pleasure...even in deep thoughts of sorrow.

This is what got me thinking...to share with you my
next cherished delectably flavourful treat...
Graham Crust PECAN PIE.

A warm and fuzzy comfort that brings me back to my childhood.
A time and place where we were protected from harm
and oblivious to the inhuman atrocities
as well as the catastrophic events of mother nature.

If all this has taught me anything...it is, that life
is more precious than we give it credit.
I, too, am guilty of taking the small precious moments for granted.
How shameful it is for me to ever complain.
However, there’s always today and hopefully a day after that...
to do much better with the life we are given.

Most of us still are blessed with all our senses to
appreciate what we enjoy and cherish most.
So stick with me while I put to the test my capacity to be thankful for having
this opportunity to express myself and share with all of you
my thoughts and some empowerment through the universe of food.

We can count on FOOD to be a common topic which will always
serve to unite the populations of our complex but wonderful world.
Here's wishing all the very best
to the very brave Haitians,

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