Soon to be launched in your home...or has it already?

If, it has not...would you be willing to implement the idea of having other meals replace a meat-based dish for 1 day?
[If anyone was wondering, this mid line across the apple isn't a marker.  I actually found it this way.]

Here, in Montreal, Quebec during the mid-March 'Health Food Show Expo'...
the campaign for 'Meatless Mondays' was finally launched.

Every imaginable LEGUME and GRAIN was starring at this show...
the education alone was worth the visit!
It was a great excuse to pick and eat some terribly tasty BREADS and other BAKED GOODS ;0)
The HERBS and SPICES were mountainous in scale.
So many I had never heard of.  
I am now capable of confronting my fears of trying new spices other than my regular pantry reliables. 

Last, and definitely not the least, would be the amazing selections of...
dried wild MUSHROOMS picked from the forests of our GaspĂ© region. 
Their mushrooms are used by some of the top chefs of Montreal.
I still have a bag of dried Porcini that is begging to join my Risotto.

This principal of having a meatless day has already been existing...
for many years around other parts of the world.
After a well anchored 13 year run...
our Montreal health food show...
FINALLY brings this idea of Meatless Mondays
to the forefront in highlight to its public.
It begs the question of why would it take so long to present this movement?
After all, it should not be all that difficult to comprehend or practice.

Is this simple concept so difficult to introduce?

Would it be so hard to skip just one day without meat in your plate?
Or, am I slightly delusional about this?

Well, for some...surprisingly, at least to myself personally...it does seem so.
There was a 'small survey' done recently which portrayed that a few had no real opinion on the matter...and a fairly good amount of persons had no qualms towards eating other types of meals.  Personally, what seemed most disturbing to me was that there still remained a good percentage that flat out refused to even think about putting a meatless day into practice!?!
What's your personal opinion about a meatless day?
Are my expectations about leading ourselves to an improved and hopefully better health an unreachable goal?
I personally have no problem reducing our meat intake in our daily meals. I've already been practicing this for quite a while now.
No, I am not a vegan or plan to become one...it does seem a little too restrictive...and that's just my opinion.
Please tell me that for the die-hard meat eaters...there is hope that maybe a good ample pasta dish could satisfy their appetite at least once a week!?!

There are so many other meals that can be prepared.
I'll certainly be pleased to keep sharing them with you.

MEATLESS MONDAYS...what are the ORIGINS of this movement?
In short...the movement began in Baltimore, U.S.A. when the John Hopkins University hospital's public health department decided to put forward an important educational gesture to awaken health sensitivities. They put in place a program to help reduce the incidences of conditions such as: high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems as well as the debilitating conditions of osteoporosis, arthritis and even some cancers.

Since there have been many studies done on the troubling issues of both the raising practices of meat as well as the ethical issues surrounding this production...this movement could not have come any sooner.
Lately this has somewhat stemmed conversations around the globe...especially since more materials are written on the subject. However...it seems that a higher alertness has been put forth since the documentary film: Food Inc.* which has shed an incredible light on this troubling issue.

So, for now....enough about just one part of what the Health Food Expo was portraying.
Join along with me...in continuing other fun, interesting and tasty discoveries.

Organic flavoured OILS and VINAIGRETES --- Tropical organic FRUIT JUICES in its most fresh and organic state --- Exotic TEAS and TISANES --- and then came my very favourite discovery...a variety of naturally scrumptious flavoured NUTS.

It's for sure, that if I were to have more time...I could have sat in on the plethora of seminars about food and green products demonstrations...however...I decided that in a very limited amount of time...a choice had to be made.
I found that the feel and taste-testing of products was much more up my alley.
Through this very short time...I also managed to make some very nice acquaintances that may figure somewhere into the future of this culinary journey of mine.

It is quite amazing that so many great products
are produced right here in my backyard.

Handmade decadent CHOCOLATE truffles with a mega variety of flavours --- BAKED GOODS perfumed the air with tasty cookies and biscotti --- Cascading array of flowing melted CHOCOLATE and HONEY was awaiting my taste buds ;o)

Please note: If you are interested in any of the manufacturers of these products...
I'll be pleased to forward them to you personally by email.
Hope this brought some new interest
and conversation in your life today.
What are your thoughts on the subject?

Flavourful wishes,

Comments ... ??? ... or suggestions ... write me :o)
Claudia at: foodessa [at] gmail [dot] com

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